From systems that convey water, chemicals and gases to conduits that carry power and data cabling. From PVC and ABS to PVDF and PE. From valves and fittings to pipes. From solvent cements and cutting tools to electrofusion systems. Whatever the product or application, our customers can be confident that everything they need for their particular solution will be delivered with the quality and service you expect from an industry leader. 


Aliaxis products are to be found at every step of the process that brings water from source to tap. Our Aliaxis businesses offer leading products and solutions covering the whole range, from process piping systems for use in water treatment plants, over the widest variety in water transmission pipes to piping systems for underground water transmission, distribution networks or irrigation solutions etc. We also offer a range of sanitary solutions, mainly focused on kitchen and bathroom applications: hot and cold water systems, waste traps and outlets, shower and floor drainage.


There is a growing awareness of environment protection issues surrounding the management of waste- and stormwater by government, industry and the general public. Aliaxis companies play an important role here by offering a range of products for the collection, transport and management of waste- and rainwater. This offering includes heavy-duty channel drains, infiltration and attenuation units as well as other stormwater management systems. Responding to sewage treatment needs, we also provide a wide range of surface drainage channels, pipes, fittings and manholes. Fascia and soffits for residential buildings and siphonic roof drainage solutions for large and small commercial buildings complement our product range.

Air & Gases

Thanks to our extensive expertise in welding and mechanical jointing technologies, we offer a complete range of PE fittings, pipes, valves and connectors for inert gas handling and natural gas distribution as well as the venting of flue gases. For compressed air distribution in targeted industry applications, we provide solutions based on thermoplastic piping systems complemented by valves, actuated valves and flow measurement devices.

Power, Voice & Data

For electrical and telecommunication networks worldwide we provide complete management systems that protect buried, encased, concealed or exposed power and data wiring. These systems offer key advantages, such as ease of installation and ease of maintenance for utilities contractors and other installers. In addition to a range of both rigid and corrugated flexible products, we also make conduits which comply with the latest standards.


Our companies build systems to transport and contain many of industry’s corrosive and hazardous chemicals. For pressurised systems we supply a broad range of industrial pipes, valves and fittings designed to handle acids and bases in their environments. Whether used for chemical process lines or abrasive slurries, our industrial systems offer a long service life at a lower cost than traditional metallic piping systems.


For industrial environments we provide a leading range of piping and pressure systems for handling fluids and for compressed air distribution. Our extensive range of metal and plastic pumps all meet the strict engineering requirements in terms of temperature, pressure, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance etc. imposed by the fluids to be transported and their fields of application. The latter include metallurgy, petrochemicals, surface treatment and other technically demanding industries. 


Alongside the industrial pumps range, Aliaxis also offers components in tailored ceramics for a wide variety of industrial applications. Metallised oxide ceramics can be used in highly exacting surroundings and are applied in tool and machine components, and laboratory equipment. They are also widely used in high-tech electrical engineering and surface treatment applications. 

Developing products and services in a changing global environment

Innovative infrastructure for megacities

The worldwide consumer base is growing fast. It is estimated that by 2020 there will be an additional 1.3 billion people on this planet, mostly in India and China. Most of this increasing population will be living in megacities, usually in metropolitan areas each holding more than 10 million inhabitants. By 2025, approximately 35 new megacities are expected to arise.

In those dense city areas people will mostly live in high vertical apartment buildings, which are already being constructed at high speed. The infrastructure for those high-rise buildings requires specific attention to the comfort, safety and costs for the people living there. That is why we are developing solutions focussing on for example sound reduction, water pressure or fire safety.

Scarcity in resources drives new requirements

As a result of the growing population, it has become clear that the world will run out of natural fuels in the near future. Evidence shows that resources will become scarce. An estimated 2.8 billion people will lack access to drinking water in the coming years. This will require major construction investments to ensure additional water supplies and city infrastructure. Additional construction for energy transport will also be needed.

These challenges also result in changing requirements for key product features such as temperature, pressure and chemical compatibility in large industries. We address those needs and give extra attention to a selection of industrial segments, like water treatment and mining. 

Focussing on the needs of a growing population

With a growing population globally and increasing water scarcity, efficient agriculture is key to our future. Improving agricultural yields will be vital, and water management will play a large part. As Aliaxis, we have capabilities that can help to address this problem and deliver sustainable solutions. We address water management in the context of agricultural farming, including the irrigation of horticultural crops and watering systems for livestock.