Durman develops automated irrigation system for large-scale banana plantations

Case -

Durman developed an automated system for one of the largest irrigation projects in Colombia. This Aliaxis business in Latin America delivered materials for a complete irrigation system and offered permanent technical support for a plantation of 630 Ha growing bananas for export.

Located in Magdalena, the plantation needed subfoliar irrigation for its banana plants. Durman supplied an automated irrigation system with 57 hydraulic 12-inch valves, 24,000 m of mainline piping in 14-inch tubing, several other irrigation pipes many thousands of metres in length, together with all requisite PVC accessories. While the irrigation system was being installed, Durman offered permanent technical support, which ensured that the project could be finished within the scheduled time frame.

The whole project was delivered by Durman’s new business unit Irrigation Systems Management. The unit was set up in 2016 to exploit the market potential of large banana and palm oil plantations in the northern region of Colombia. The team consists of agricultural engineers with a track record of more than 8 years of knowledge of the agricultural sector. Since last year it has been made responsible for the design of all irrigation projects in northern Colombia.