Nicoll equips Euro 2016 football stadiums with efficient rainwater drainage

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While the first matches of the Euro 2016 football championship promise to bring an exciting few weeks, everyone hopes the sun will shine again soon in France. But, should the severe weather continue, spectators of Nice and Bordeaux stadiums will be well protected.

The Allianz Riviera in Nice and the Matmut Atlantique in Bordeaux, two state-of-the-art stadiums, benefit from one of the most efficient solutions for siphonic rainwater drainage.

Working closely with the architects, the Nicoll team was able to provide the Akasison® system for the rapid evacuation of roof waters - an integrated network that adapts to the most complex designs, allows to keep space free and avoids visual disturbance linked to pillars in the bleachers. Innovative and welcoming, these two stadiums are set for the game. So is our team, always ready to bring the most innovative solutions to create value for our customers.