Rio 2016 Olympics choose FIP valves for swimming pools

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The 2016 Olympic Games have started and we’ve enjoyed swimming records being broken almost on a daily basis! And these records have been established in high-tech, Italian pools.

The Rio 2016 Olympics partnered with an Italian specialist company to equip all 18 swimming facilities in the Olympic village with state-of-the-art pool technology and valves of our Italian FIP brand. For the first time, the Olympic swimming and water polo competitions were held in temporary pools that would be dismounted and repositioned in other Brazilian locations at the end of the event. The equipment therefore needed to be easy to install, dismantle and reinstall without losing quality.

FIP supplied over 1,000 ball and butterfly valves from DN25 to DN300 that were installed in the water treatment plants, the heart of each pool, at the Olympic Park in Rio. The valves had already undergone a process of continuous improvement and had reached the highest level of reliability, simplicity of installation and durability required by the Olympic plant designers.