Buildings, infrastructure and industry are our core activities, and we offer a comprehensive range of quality products and solutions for each of these segments.


Defined by continuous innovation, our building portfolio concentrates on water discharge solutions in and around buildings, and on the manufacturing and marketing of products for kitchen and bathroom applications. In several regions we are also a major supplier of electrical and telecommunications ducts and conduits.

We offer high-quality, cost-effective drainage systems for use above and below ground. We also provide surface drainage channels for residential and commercial applications.

We provide a wide range of rain gutter systems that are among the most comprehensive in the sector and that continue to make inroads in a number of key markets. Fascia and soffits for residential buildings and siphonic roof drainage solutions for large and small commercial buildings complement this offering.

The complete wire and cable management systems marketed by our companies in North America and Australasia are used for electrical and telecommunication networks. These systems offer key advantages, such as ease of installation and ease of maintenance for utilities contractors and other installers. In addition to a range of both rigid and corrugated flexible products, we also have conduits, which comply with the latest standards.

With strong local brands, our sanitary solutions are mainly focused on kitchen and bathroom applications: hot and cold water systems, waste traps and outlets, shower and floor drainage. Our full range of toilet fittings includes concealed and exposed toilet cisterns, fill and flush mechanisms and pan connectors.


For our water and gas supply systems, sewerage systems and stormwater management solutions, we combine expertise from different countries. We are also able to offer unique, customised solutions for utilities and municipal customers.

We have developed a comprehensive range of fittings, pipes, valves and connectors for PVC-based water mains and for PE water distribution. A significant number of Aliaxis companies also specialise in bespoke irrigation-related products and systems.

Thanks to our extensive expertise in welding and mechanical jointing technologies, we offer a complete range of PE fittings, pipes, valves and connectors for gas lines. Our electrofusion fittings are used all over the world and are widely recognised for their innovative properties. 

We have developed a number of products for the collection, transport and management of rainwater, particularly around commercial buildings. This offering includes heavy-duty channel drains, infiltration and attenuation units as well as other stormwater management systems.

Responding to the sewage-treatment needs of municipalities worldwide, we offer a wide range of sewer components including PVC and PE pipes, fittings and manholes. Key attributes include proven strength and flexibility, combined with outstanding resistance to corrosion and root intrusion, which limits maintenance costs.


For industrial environments, we provide a leading range of piping and pressure systems for fluid handling and compressed air distribution. Our process piping offering is complemented by an extensive range of pumps and ceramic solutions, all of which meet the strict engineering requirements of industrial customers on temperature, pressure, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and more.

For fluid handling and compressed air distribution in targeted industry applications, we provide solutions, based on thermoplastic piping systems complemented by valves, actuated valves and flow measurement devices. 

We produce pressure solutions for conveying different media such as water, fuel or more aggressive fluids, as well as specialised drainage pipework. Used for more than 40 years in applications requiring high standards of durability and reliability, these products have proven they are the most reliable solution for our customers.

The range of Aliaxis metal and plastic pumps and valves are custom-designed to meet the stringent requirements imposed by the fluids to be transported and the fields of application, including metallurgy, petrochemicals, surface treatment and other technically demanding industries.

Alongside the industrial pumps range, we have components in tailored ceramics for a wide variety of industries. Metallised oxide ceramics can be used in high-grade physical conditions and are applied in tool and machine components, laboratory ware, electrical engineering and surface treatment.